DUSTIN BROHM, Salt Lake City Realtor & Podcast Host - Meet the Leaders of PropTech with Grant Findlay-Shirras, CEO of Parkbench

On March 5th The PropTech Society will be hosting a Deal Making Conference in Toronto at Osler, Hoskin, and Harcourt LLP . Grant Findlay-Shirras, Co-Founder and CEO of real estate startup Parkbench.com is featured as a keynote speaker.

Grant is well known for building multimillion dollar startups with no investors and an original leadership style. He is CEO of one of the fastest growing real estate startups in North America with more than 1000+ realtors and is also creator of the Local Leader Marketing System. Grant regularly contributes to his YouTube channel, interviewing influencers and experts from the real estate world for his Real Estate Mogul series and podcast. We will be featuring these videos in our blog.

In this video, Grant talks with Dustin Brohm, a top Salt Lake City Realtor, on how to master digital marketing. Dustin is also host of his own podcast, Massive Agent, a real estate marketing podcast for real estate agents, loan officers, and other real estate professionals looking to expand their business and get more clients. Dustin provides specific, actionable tips and strategies to help Realtors sell more homes through cutting edge marketing.